Nada is the heroine of my story “The Womanizer”. She was still standing at the door of her apartment since I left her three years ago and ended the story with that stand with her tears running without her will.

But on this night I decided to land to her between the papers and pages, I felt guilty about her and maybe I also missed talking to her…

My eyes fell on her, and there she is as I left her, she did not change, a beautiful babe even when she’s crying.

Strands of her hair slipped to hide the right half of her face, perhaps she was trying to hide her tears from me, she always wanted to appear strong. 

Our eyes met but she didn’t let me go.

–         You’re responsible for everything.

–         Nada, you have to understand my position. I can not change the past. 

–         I am not talking about the past, why did you choose that ending? Why did you choose to leave me standing alone, crying the loss of love and gaining a new trauma from cheating, have you not heard about love before?  Have you not known about “happy endings?”

–         I know many people want happy endings, but I do not want to deceive anyone. Mahmoud loved you, and he was sincere in his love.

She interrupted:

–         Loved me? What about his betrayal? I changed for him, but he remained the same, as you called him yourself “A womanizer!”

–         you are wrong!

–         You justify everything, anyways you will not understand a thing of what I mean!

There was a moment of silence in which I felt regretful about the decision of visiting her but she did wait on me and followed her speech staring at my eyes;

–         Wasn’t it better to end the story by declaring our love in front of people, you who held the pen with your hand in everything, you could have changed it but you influenced the hurt my heart, and believe me, when I tell you that you know nothing about a woman or her love, you are saying that you can express the feelings of lovers, but you’re the extremely ignorant when it comes to love! 

–          don’t accept your attitude!

–         Mahmoud did not love me. For him, I was just a different girl, yes, different from the rest of his victims, a new type or color, and you tried to dye him with the dye of “being lost” to justify his actions! 

–         If I was ignorant of love, as you say, then I would not have been able to describe your feelings and describe everything that was in your mind and head, that love for women is life, but for men it is just one of the pillars of life.

–         Stop that nonsense! 

–         You do not believe that Mahmoud has loved you! Yes, he loved you before knowing the meaning of the word love, and in general, I do not justify what happened, because I hated all his actions before you did, love must protect a lover from making mistakes, but this does not mean that it will make him completely away from making mistakes, the man made a mistake and admitted to you! 

A moment of silence passed and she did not seem to hear me, so I followed:

–         Anyway, I just came to see you and talk to you, and now I have to go back to my world and maybe we will meet again, I don’t know. See you! 

She turned away from me and left quietly without looking at me.